About Us

We are a husband and wife partnership creating handcrafted goods and fine arts as part of a larger purpose to live as independently and responsibly on our piece of the earth as we can.

In the blacksmith shop, where Dan Roesinger and Saga Erickson are smith and apprentice respectively, we produce hand-forged decorative ironwork for the home, and traditional tools for woodworkers and serious outdoorspeople.


Dan has been an artist blacksmith for more than a dozen years, creating tools and  functional fine art heirlooms for the home.


He also does woodworking, especially carving, rustic furniture and green woodworking; he also carves the handles for the tools he makes in the forge.


In her fine art studio, Saga specializes in portraits and illustration, often drawing on folklore for her subjects and inspiration. She has a long-held desire to keep folklore and imagination alive and her folk illustrations are a tribute to that. 


She  has also learned the art of broom tying from Dan, and helps out with light duties in the forge from time to time.


In other handicrafts, she does a number of different beadwork styles and has begun learning the art of weaving. She is a lifelong artist who has always enjoyed working in a variety of media.  


Together, Dan and Saga are Stark Raven Studios. They are developing an old Finnish homestead just south of Hurley as their home base for their arts. An old log building houses the blacksmith shop and a small timber-frame building is the art studio. The grounds are a living experiment in self-sufficiency as we strive to make both our home and studios as sustainable as possible.

Our art is the work of our hands with as little mechanization as we can manage. The work we do tells its own story and is created with the notion of each item becoming a cherished heirloom.