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Greeting cards are a great way to say hello!

by Saga Erickson

When the mood hits, I like to do illustrations. Most of them are of a whimsical nature and when I’m in an illustration streak, I crank out image after image, giggling to myself with great glee. For me, the illustrations are a quick “fix” when I’m in need of creating, but lack the patience for a larger project or detailed painting.

These “quick fix” illustrations are how my Nordic Folklore series got started. I was working on little drawings with a Yuletide kind of a theme, when I got an idea for a gift for Dan. I did a small illustration of the Norse God Ullr. It turned out to be the first of over a dozen folklore illustrations. Ullr also turned out to be one of my most popular images.

The original intention for my illustrations was to make them into small holiday ornaments or greeting cards, but some (the Folklore Series) have made it into larger size prints. Meanwhile, some of my larger, more “serious” paintings have done better as greeting card images.

I tend to do illustrations in series. When I get one idea, it often turns into half a dozen ideas and pretty soon, I have a pile of sketches on my lap awaiting color and ink!

Greeting cards are kind of fun. Receiving one always makes a person feel cared for. Giving one gives a person the opportunity to connect with a loved one and show that they’re thinking about them.

Northwood's song - pastel.jpg

I’ve noticed a trend over the past few years in regards to greeting cards, especially those depicting an artist’s work -- they are often framed. It is a great way to have a favorite artist’s work on your walls without taking up a lot of space. Plus, greeting cards are pretty reasonably priced, so they don’t end up eating a lot of the budget.