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Pot-scrubbers, the Surprise on the Home Stretch

by Saga Erickson

This year has been zooming past. We participated in a number of different shows last year to promote our work. We been pick our way through what works best or is the most productive work to be doing and promoting. It isn't always an easy task to determine, but so far we had two areas of our arts that have done pretty well: our ironwork and our hand tied brooms.

Today, I want to talk about the broom tying end of things, in particular, our pot-scrubbers. These handy little do-dads come at the tail-end of our broom tying enterprise and allow us to get the most out of our materials. We’re the thrifty sort, as most artisans are, and we save everything. You never know when you might need it someday. Well, the scraps that are left after tying a broom are one such handy bit of leftover that I tend to hoard just for such “someday” purposes.

Pot-scrubbers are one of those little items that everybody needs, but often don’t think about buying until we’re at the kitchen sink and realize what we have is long past reasonable usefulness. Any pot-scrubber will give out after a certain amount of time. Not to mention most of them are something we prefer to remain hidden under the sink. 

I think that’s one of the things I enjoy about making pot-scrubbers:

I don’t have to hide it under the sink. I am creating something that is both functional and pretty. Plus, I like knowing that I’m getting the most out of my materials. I like our little pot-scrubbers, They can really take some abuse and I can use them on everything from my cast iron cookware to Teflon. A good rinse after use and being hung up to dry will keep them in good working order for 6 months for more. Being hung to dry is really important -- otherwise, they can get musty.

Pot-scrubbers have been one of our big winners as far as sales go. When we were demonstrating broom tying at the Laura Ingalls Wilder days, I barely got a pot-scrubber finished, before it was already sold! We like to keep them reasonably priced, they’re pretty and they make great gifts.  Plus they’re a great companion to our kitchen and whisk brooms.

When it comes to finding a winner in our product line, the pot-scrubber has been a big surprise