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Learning Curves and Having Good Friends

by Saga Erickson

I recently did a blog about greeting cards. I put hours upon hours into updating my greeting card page. It is the holiday season now and I was hoping to capitalize on a bit of the greeting card market this year. I found out from a couple of my FB friends that using my greeting card page was confusing.

I am glad that I have web friends who alert me to such glitches, otherwise, I could have gone through the whole season wondering and worrying about why my website hadn't done what it was intended to do.

I am still learning and am finding that maintaining a web presence isn't always an easy task. Sometimes, I think I know what I'm doing, only to find I've put together a page completely wrong and have to start over. The learning curve is often a humbling experience.

I am amazed by the wonders there are to discover on this website program, if I take the time to learn them. Sometimes, I take the "bulldozer" approach and just want to "git 'r' done." I'm learning that that is not a real productive approach to an effective web page.

Anyhow, I am learning my way around this site.  Thanksgiving has passed and I find I am in the holiday spirit, so I'm giving the presentation of the greeting cards page another try.  

I welcome feedback from all my friends out there in cyberland.