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Getting a Handle on the Situation

We made some of these simple cabinet door pulls recently for a local building contractor. He'd stopped by one day when we were working on the job to see how we made these, and he'd wanted to get some video of the process. Of course, his battery quit on him!

So we got our camera out and put together this quick little video, just to give an idea of what's involved in making such a piece. It's more an overview for interested folks who are not smiths themselves (or for smiths who are just curious to see how someone else might do it) -- not a technical how-to video.

With this kind of work, we usually have two or three pieces in the fire at a time, to improve efficiency. With a coal or charcoal forge, if we try to do more than that at once, we usually end up finding that some of the iron bars in the forge are too hot, others are too cold, or we just start tripping over ourselves, so to speak -- at that point, we know we've got too many irons in the fire.

So now you know where that saying came from!