custom sewing and tayloring


I have been fascinated by sewing since i was a little girl. My grandmother was an incredible seamstress. She had been raised during the depression and every cent was precious. so, she grew up knowing how to sew, made clothes for her family as they grew and then for my siblings and me. My mother was also an accomplished seamstress and artist. So,I was eager to learn. My mom and grandma would give me needle and thread and scrap fabric to play with. I made clothes for mine and my siblings barbies.

By the time I was in middle school, I wanted to sew my own clothes. My mom wouldn't let me near her sewing machine until I took a class. So, I took a summer school class for sewing and was on my way to making my own wardrobe.

When I started having my own children, I sewed for them as often as I could. I even thought I could run my own sewing service and be a stay at home mom. It started out well enough, I got a few commissions for prom dresses and wedding dress design, but mostly, I got requests to do people's mending. Which in itself isn't bad, but, it is important to let customers know that you won't work on dirty garments.

Fast forward to 2008. My husband and I were asked to do a historic reenactment event for the Living History event in Eagle River, Wisconsin. We were going to be living and demonstrating as a blacksmith and wife during the fur trade era of the late 18th century. Being the "nerdy" people we tend to be, we researched the kind of clothes we would need and being true to 18th century form, hand made our period garments for the event. 

We have since participated in 19th century events as well and enjoyed the experience of it. Sewing, is one of those tasks that has always been a joy to me and I am finding it is a skill that I can still utilize, even dealing with MS. 

Several years ago, I acquired my first treadle sewing machine. Such a machine appealed to the sustainability goals we have as well as just plain being cool! That first treadle is now making quilts for veterans, as I sent her to Tennessee with a dear friend of mine.

I am on my second treadle machine now. The love of these old machines continues. my latest find is a 1919 Singer 66 "Red Eye" that we rescued from a house demolition project. she, needed a pit of clean-up, but has already proven to be a valuable asset. The first time I sat down to sew on her, I didn't have to make a single adjustment. She was rarin' to go!

So, after an odd series of events where I have run into people from my community looking for a seamstress, I decided it was time to add that to the services we offer, here at Stark Raven Studios.

Each job will be priced on a per job basis, with a minimum rate of $25.00 (my going "shop" rate.)

So, anything from quilts to corsets, tayloring to table wear, check out some of the sewing possibilities.