Greeting Cards

A number of Saga's illustrations are available as greeting cards, singly or in sets. The Folklore series has descriptions of the characters on the back as well as sources to learn more. We're adding new designs all the time and are always open to suggestion. Do you have your own greeting card ideas? We're happy to do custom work! Not all of the images in our galleries are featured as cards, but, if there's an image you'd like to see made into a card, we'd be happy to to do so. Use the form below to tell us what you have in mind.

Folklore Series

Gnome Series

Holiday Series

Holiday Favorites

Holiday favorites are groupings of cards that have been most requested by our customers and are being offered here at a special price for the holidays.  You can mix different styles if you like, just let us know in the comments what you would like in your card grouping.  Please allow a week lead time, as they are printed as orders come in. 

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Honor and Strength

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Have something special in mind? We welcome custom orders -- use this form to contact us, or call us:

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