Here is a collection of the pucker-toe and split-toe style Ojibwe moccasins we make. Many of these were made for babies, though custom moccasins can be made for people of any age, and can be decorated or plain according to your wishes.

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Saga's Wedding Shoes 


This pair of highly decorated pucker-toe moccasins combines designs from various cultures. They are Ojibwe moccasins, but the beadwork design draws on Norse folklore. These were Saga's wedding shoes and honor aspects of her heritage: her maternal grandfather was part Ojibwe, while the rest of her ancestry spanned northern Europe. The moccasins are her way to honor her ancestors and walk in their shoes into the next generation.


Work in Progress

Saga is working on a custom pair of moccasins right now that incorporates the image of the white buffalo. Shown here is one of the finished toes for these beaded moccasins, together with the sketches for the rest of the project.