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Little Shaver

Having had a few requests for a lighter version of our Scandinavian Carving Hatchet, we've developed the Little Shaver. It has the same geometry and cutting characteristics as its bigger cousin, but the head weighs only 18 oz. This saves effort and fatigue, making carving a little bit easier, so you can work longer before tiring out. It's also a great choice if you're new to carving with a hatchet.


The fine bevel of this carving hatchet affords excellent penetration, and the curved, backswept edge gives an easy, smooth cut. The bevel is symmetrical, making the ax usable by either right- or left-handed carvers; the fine entry makes an asymmetrical bevel unnecessary for most carvers, though this kind of bevel is available upon request. The raised peak makes it possible to do some carving of finer details, and the short forward projection of the bit, along with the bearded design, allows for full support by your working hand in planing cuts.

Our axes are all traditionally hand-forged from soft steel with a high-carbon steel bit forge-welded in, and bevels are ground and filed flat. This makes for better penetration and safer work, with fewer of the glancing blows that can arise with convex-ground bevels or micro-bevels. Sharpening is also quicker and easier with the soft steel body and flat bevels.

We hand-carve our handles from white ash and finish them with pine tar and beeswax. We also make the leather sheaths we ship with every axe.