Carving Hatchets

Carving Hatchets

Developed with spoon carvers in mind and designed along traditional Scandinavian lines, the fine bevel (around 22.5 included angle)of our carving hatchets affords excellent penetration, and the curved, backswept edge gives an easy, smooth cut.


The bevel is symmetrical, making the ax usable by either right- or left-handed carvers; the fine entry makes an asymmetrical bevel unnecessary for most carvers, though this kind of bevel is available if desired. The raised peak makes it possible to do some carving of finer details before moving from axe to knife, and the short forward projection of the bit and bearded profile allow for full support by your working hand in planing cuts.

We make our carving hatchets in two head weights. The original, or standard, head weighs 24 oz, and the light head weighs 19 oz. Heavier or lighter weights can be produced on request, and we intend to develop one lighter weight as well as one or two heavier weights to add to our lineup of standard axes.

Our axes are all traditionally hand-forged from high-carbon steel selected to suit the use for which the axe is intended.


We also make axes from soft steel or wrought iron with a high-carbon steel bit forge-welded in. This approach is sensible for a smith working without a striker (sledge-wielding assistant) or power hammer, and it makes more economical use of the more expensive tool steel. However, these axes are on balance more expensive to produce because the process takes longer and introduces more opportunities for failure in production of the tool.

We grind our bevels flat for better penetration and safer work, with fewer of the glancing blows that can arise with convex-ground bevels or micro-bevels. A flat-ground bevel is stronger than a hollow grind. Sharpening is also quicker and surer as it is easier to feel the angle of a flat bevel against your stone and strop.

We hand-carve our handles from white ash, yellow birch, or hickory, and finish them with pine tar and beeswax. We also make the sheaths we ship with every axe.

We welcome customization requests!