Original Art

As with most artists, variety is the spice of life and Saga's artwork is no different. She is a very versatile artist and creates according to her moods and what medium she wants to play with. She does a lot of commission work for people as well as creating according to ideas and stories that are always running amok in her head. Here on this page are some of the originals she has available. Many of these are also available as prints and greeting cards.

Cycles is a watercolor inspired by Celtic folklore. Throughout this piece are the cycles of life repeated in the sky in the land, the trees and in the figures of the youth through old age. The triple goddess of folklore takes center stage representing the maiden, mother and crone.

Original - Cavalier

Original Acrylic matted and framed to 11x14

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The Cavalier King Charles spaniel is a noble little beauty. He is the consummate companion. This portrait is a representation of the breed standard. Saga does a lot of custom pet portraits for people in a variety of mediums. 

If you're interesting in having a pet portrait done, feel free to contact us on at the bottom of the page.














The Lookout

This is an original acrylic that is matted and framed, but it can be purchased matted only.

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The Lookout is a view from my window into my backyard. The bird feeders that hang are of constant interest to the local squirrel population. We have a couple squirrels that will sit on the window sill and peer in at us as if looking out for his buddy as she raids the bird feeders. The backyard is a picture of the lush wildness of the backyard framing my studio very cozily in spring green.

Original - Remembering the Plains

Original graphite matted to 12x16

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Remembering the Plains is a graphite drawing inspired by several 19th century photographs. It is piece that embodies a feeling of loss and the romantic notion embracing the freedom of the great Plains.


Northwoods Song is a pastel on suede. It depicts the very spirit of the granite out-croppings and forests of Northern Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan. I like the pups howling in the foreground.

Original - The Wild Hunt

Original Water Media matted and framed to 22x28

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The Wild Hunt was inspired by folk tales from Northern Europe where during the wild hunt on Yule eve, those caught unaware could be swooped away with the ghostly wild hoard, becoming one of them . In this version, it is Odin leading the wild hunt in company with viking warriors. "I like the feel of this piece and as I was working on it, I could feel the snow and wind upon my face as if I too were part of the ghostly companions."


Brand New Key had a couple of inspirations and is in a way, a self portrait. While Saga isn't an elderly woman yet, she sees herself as ageless and whimsical at any age, taking joy in the simple things of life, while having the experiences of the world. Another inspiration that influences this piece was the 1972 song "Brand New Key" by Melanie Kafka. The song also speaks of this whimsy as well as a sense of independence.

Original - Homestead Hens
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Original Watercolor, matted and framed 16x20 approx.

Matted only also available

Original Artwork:
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Homestead Hens is a picture from our back yard and features 3 of our first hens. At the time, our hens were completely free range. This is such a cozy picture and vignette from our life. The chickens have inspired a number of art works.


The Wanderer is a piece inspired by the Eddic Poem "Havamal" in particular the "Runetal" that describes Odin's nine day trial upon the world tree Yggdrasil. In this trial of self sacrifice, Odin discovered the wisdom of the Runes and upon this discovery fell away from the tree wiser. Also depicted in this piece are Odin's companions, the two wolves, Geri and Freki and the two ravens Huginn and Muninn. The starry night sky is within the folds of Odin's cloak.


Daydream on the Plains was inspired by a 19th century photo I came across depicting a little Souix boy wearing an adult size headdress. It reminded me of being a little kid playing dress up and in the photo the little boy looked like he had just been caught with something he shouldn't have. I composed this piece to have a gentle home setting in the background.